Welcome to "Japan Book and Snack"!!.

We do your shopping according to your shopping request and delivery them to the world.

Please order us various goods in Japan market such as Book, Food, Games and etc.by various  combinations. We prepare the standard snack packs such as "Pine" and "Bomboo".

*Example of handling commodities
 Service of Japan Book&Snack
 Japan Book and Snack is SAFETY, CONVENIENCE and ECONOMICAL.

* We do your shopping in the Japanese market according to your shopping list and deliver them to you in the world.

* The carriage can be saved because shoppings at several shops are collectively packed.

* The service charge is very reasonable because it is based on the total shopping amount and not the numbers of shops.

 You can use your credit card through Paypal

You can use your credit card through Paypal.
About Paypal is here.
The bank transfer can be used from inside of Japan.

★ Reasonable seervice charge system.
Japan Book & Snack sets service charge devided by total amount of shopping price. (Please refer to the below cahrt.)

Total price is composed by below 3 elements. And any other extra charge won't be requested.
1. The total amount of commodity's fee.
2. Service charge. Please refer to below chart.
3. Freight charge. (In case of purchasing commodities from the shoe of out side of Tokyo, please consider the carriage fee from the province to Tokyo as commodity fee too.)

Total price of ordered commodities. Commission
Less than \4,000 \1,000
More than \4,000 to less than \10,000 25% of commodity fee
More than \10,000 to less than \30,000 20% of commodity fee
More than \30,000 to less than \100,000 15% of commodity fee
\100,000 or more Consultation separately
★ Please read before making an order.

 How to order Japan Book & Snack

Please send us your shopping list.
Please send us your order sheet with filling your orders and necessary information.
The necessary information is as follows;
1. Order informtaion. (Order name, address and etc.)
2. Shipping informatioin. (Shipping name, address and etc.)
3. Payment method.
*The examples of the commodities we can handle.  *Attention. *And the commodities we cannot handle.
We wil send the order acceptance mail within 24 hours with the ordering number. (Please put this ordering number in the subject window as of next correspondings.)

After confirming the quotation,please click sign.
Japan Book & Snack will submit you the quotation including service charge and freight.
Please examine the quotation.
1. If you confirm our quotation→Please give us SHOPPING Go sign by clicking [Go] button.
2. If you would like to change the order contents→Please click [Order Change] button. And resend us your revised order sheet again.

After clicking Go button, please proceed to the step of payment method either credit card through Paypal or bank transfer.
〔Go〕 sign.

[Order Change] sign.
Attention 1 If you would like to change the shopping order by clicking 〔Order Change〕 sign, it has to be done before clicking 〔Go〕 sign.
Attention 2 Please understand a few correspondences might be happened at this step in order to complete satisfied shopping.
Shopping will be started after the card is settled or receiving the bank payment.
Japan Book & Snack are now shopping♪

Please wait for the arrival of your package.
When your packing gets ready, you will receive the EMS's tracking number and a photo of your percel just before sealing via E-mail.

About EMS :here
The freight pursuit : here.
Your package arrives!

Thank you for your order!

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